December 26

Metacritic Should Update its Independent Outlets List

Below is Metacritic’s list of outlets that it uses for Metacritic ratings circa 2019, which has been annotated to mark outlets that have either officially or unofficially become defunct (meaning they at best only produce a handful of reviews every year). I think its accepted that the original list was created to include mostly larger name outlets, but with a fair number of smaller and more independent outlets for artistic reasons, to allow more independent sources some sway in determining Metacritic ratings.

It should be no surprise that more independent outlets have been dropping like flies. And moreover even more independent outlets have publicly proclaimed over the last few years that they are veering away from more independent reviews, due to staff and budget limitations. (I won’t say who). Given this, getting a Metacritic rating has become drastically more difficult for independent musicians that don’t have a +$10,000 press budget and an increasingly more narrow “sound”.

I’m not going to suggest a new set of outlets that Metacritic should fold into a new list. In fact, I highly doubt that Metacritic will update its list any time soon. But the fact is that there are many blogs with very active writers, who write high quality reviews, that would benefit Metacritic if they were brought in, and would help to offset the increasingly corporate tilt of the ratings system. The shift would also help reward independent outlets, with fantastic writers, who oftentimes toil without any particular acknowledgment from readers who might find their reviews pretty refreshing if only they knew they existed.

Maybe you the reader have some suggestions as to blogs or outlets that should be added to the list?