20160812_213523 August 13

A Long Awaited Homecoming

I asked my parents to bring my violin along when they came to visit.  I’m keeping it and may use it for a music project – though I won’t use it unless I can give it the respect it deserves.  But this violin and I go way back. Many years ago, after winning a Midwest […]

lumberers July 01

What is American Music?

A number of years ago I had a friend inform me that Asian people had no musical history in America, and as such there was nothing particularly Asian about American music culture.  It was stated rather matter-of-factly to me, and actually, the sentiment is not uncommon. It gets bandied about in one form or another, either […]

Korea June 19

Father’s Day Post – Some Album Details

It’s sort of a coincidence that I happen to be finishing up the album around Father’s Day, but in fact, the album is dedicated to my dad, who turned 70 this year.  As such, I thought it would be a convenient time to unveil the title and track list for the album, as we’ve nailed […]

listeningl January 24

Three Conceptions of Listening Local

People talk about the idea of “listening local”  quite a bit these days.  But there are a lot of different rationales for listening local, and not all rationales are necessarily very good.  Different rationales for listening local can also lead to different ways of approaching listening local as well, so teasing apart these rationales may […]

mindglitter January 14

Interview: The Motel Beds

If you flip through the Anyway Records catalog, you’ll find a long list of excellent indie rock bands, running back several decades.  It’s what makes the label such a good introduction to Ohio rock (and what makes St. Lenox a sort of oddity in that catalog).  The Motel Beds released their album Mind Glitter on the Anyway […]

Screenshot_2016-01-08-09-26-13 January 08

Thoughts on Nostalgia: A Video Premiere

To be honest, I still don’t really understand what nostalgia is.  I remember my first real experience with nostalgia was when I was about 8 or so, and my parents showed us pictures of us kids that they had saved in these large photo albums that we had collected.  (Is this meta-nostalgia that I’m feeling at […]

2015-Year-In-Review December 24

2015 – Year in Review

Hello to everyone who has joined me this year.  St. Lenox had an unexpectedly busy year.  As I’ve noted elsewhere, I had been expecting the album to die a slow death, only to be mentioned at work functions and cocktail parties as color commentary in an introduction.  The fact that I’ve had total strangers pick […]


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