November 20

The Independent Album Release Calendar

Consequence of Sound has a useful Album Release calendar that they put together, which gives people a heads up as to what releases are coming up and when.  Their release calendar can be found HERE.  If you’re a music journalist, it’s useful, because it allows you to plan ahead in terms of knowing what releases to write about.  It also plays a filtering role in that not every single release that is put out into the universe is placed on the list.  I was thinking that it might be a useful tool to have an independent album release calendar that serves the same function.

What I’ve come up with is a form that can be filled out, which auto-generates an entry into a spreadsheet, which I plan to update into a similar Album Release calendar, except only for independent musicians, which I’m defining as musicians who have spent under $5000 for publicity on their album release.  In other words, even musicians from major indie labels, or people who have hired a significant publicist will be excluded from this list.  To keep the list down, it will also be limited to EP/LP release dates.

The form is HERE.  It’s located at another website that I’m running, called Big City Folks.  Hopefully if people start using it, it will generate a corresponding list HERE.

The form is intended to capture basic information, including of course release date, artist name and release name.  But it’s also designed to capture basic location information, so if you are interested in releases from your home state, it’s relatively easy to do a ctrl+f to find them.  The list will be available from the Big City Folks website, and who knows.  Maybe it will be a useful resource for independent-oriented music journalists.