Ten Fables of Young Ambition and Passionate Love

Hashtag Brooklyn Karaoke Party (“The Science of Love”)
Synopsis: The protagonist attempts to demonstrate a special move that will guarantee success on a date, which he learned from an expert on The Science of Love, recounting the history of dating technology from the ’90s until today.

You Have Got To Feel It (“Hakugei”)
Synopsis: The protagonist describes a magical phenomenon concerning the NYC subway system that grants wishes, called “Hakugei”, which he learned from his friend Hirokazu, and invites the viewer to help him in granting a wish to a woman wearing a turquoise shirt.

Vincent Van Gogh (“The History of Sin Eaters”)
Synopsis: The protagonist prepares a sin-eating ritual, by which he plans to rid the Democratic Party of its residual sins, in order to help Democrats take back control of Congress in 2018, providing a history of the tradition of sin-eating.

The Hungry Years (“Why I’m Joining the Democratic Socialists of America”)
Synopsis: The protagonist proclaims he has received a sign from God that he should join the Democratic Socialists of America, noting a recent uncomfortableness between himself and a friend who is in the DSA, as well as detailing the sign he received from God, while at a DSA protest for housing rights.

Don’t Ever Change Me, New York City (“Small Changes Are Important”)
Synopsis: The protagonist describes his encounter with an activity station at a children’s playground in New York City that spells “DEPORT” and other questionable words. Encountering a Chuck Close painting at the subway station on his way to see the newly renovated activity station, he details the steps it took to get the Parks Department to make the change, explaining his theory that small changes are important.