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March 21

The Art of Interpretation

Music teachers at Juilliard teach the art of interpretation first by instilling a mastery of the range of the instrument.  Production of sound from a violin, for instance, depends on a number of dimensions that an expert violinist has exacting control over – bow-speed, bow-pressure, bow-position, vibrato, intonation, note-entry, note-exit, to name a few.  They assign exercises […]

March 04

Zen and the Art of Karaoke

Let me tell you about three different approaches to karaoke.  The first involves singing in a room with friends, and I believe has its origins in Japan.  The second has its origins in the Midwest, and has affinities with the American Idol tradition.  The third has its roots in European Classical Music and/or mid-20th century […]

February 24

The Sampler’s Pangram

There’s a sentence that contains all of the letters of the alphabet – some refer to it as a “pangram” – that is used to display fonts.  “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”  If one has an instantiation of the sentence in a particular font, one can then create all of the words of […]

February 23

On Work Life, Bill Berry and Humanity

As some of you may know, I was finally sworn in at the 2nd Department, and am officially an attorney in the State of New York.  The swearing in ceremony itself was an interesting event.  Do you know why people have to raise their right hand when taking the oath?  Apparently, back in the day, […]