October 29

Introduction to Modern American Social Realism

Lately, I’ve been inserting the terms “social realism” and “modern American social realism” into commentary and interviews about my own music and the music of others.  So, I figured I would lay out what it is that I mean when I talk about modern American social realism. When I speak of social realism, I refer […]

October 29

Praise for Ten Hymns From My American Gothic

Recent Press for Ten Hymns From My American Gothic: Pop Matters came out with their review of the record, giving it 9 out of 10 stars, observing “[a]lbums of such sheer artistry, originality and thematic immediacy are few and far between. This is the album of perspective and hope we need in this time of political […]

October 18

Swan Song Theory

There was a songwriter who I have seen a number of times at open mic.  He’s moving to Colorado and so this is the last time I’ll probably hear him, barring some errant future trip to New York City in some distant year. Would you like to hear my theory about the Swan Song?  I […]

October 02

Chord Complexity in Songwriting

It is a fact that chord progressions in modern pop songwriting are far more basic than those used in either jazz or classical music.  This observation is usually met with upturned noses in songwriting circles – an odd irony, because how can you really turn your nose up at something that is more complex?  The response from […]

September 29

Interview: Mary Lynn

Newly minted Anyway Records labelmate Mary Lynn will be coming up to New York City this Sunday, Oct. 2nd, to perform at Shea Stadium (event).  Her recently released album, My Animal, is both raucous and punchy, and I was happy to dig into it in setting up for our interview.  We talk shop, discuss the […]

September 24

Ten Hymns From My American Gothic available for Pre-Order Now

The second St. Lenox album Ten Hymns From My American Gothic: A Gift For My Father in Honor of his 70th Year, will be released via Anyway Records on October 21st, 2016   PRE-ORDER HERE: Vinyl: https://midheaven.com/item/ten-hymns-from-my-american-gothic-by-st-lenox iTunes:  http://flyt.it/stlenoxpreorder Amazon:  http://flyt.it/stlenoxama Ten Hymns From My American Gothic is a sprawling, layered,stream-of-consciousness portrait of modern American life, […]

September 24

Interview: Adam Remnant

I don’t get to hear Ohio musicians as often as I’d like to lately, so I jump at the chance to interact with them whenever they come down to New York City.  In this case, Adam Remnant is performing at Cake Shop, Saturday Oct. 1st at 9:45 pm.  (Also playing that night are Nathan Xander, William […]