October 09

Year of Migration Lecture – The Return Home

I was invited to give a lecture about my music videos at the University of Kentucky by the department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology, as part of the Year of Migration series.  Below are the notes from that lecture, entitled “The Return Home”. ///**// The Return Home: First of all, thank you for giving me the […]

September 11

Proposal: The Expenditures Limit on Indie

I was talking with a few PR people of some repute a few months ago, and I remarked that the cost of getting any attention in the indie music scene was so cost prohibitive, that it effectively cut out even the upper-middle class from being represented in indie music.  The effect of this is that […]

August 09

Perfect Strangers Interview – St. Lenox: Indie Music’s Renaissance Man

Photo Courtesy of An Rong Xu.  Print Version of the Article can be obtained at: https://perfectstrangersmag.com/   St. Lenox is the singer-songwriter alter ego of Andrew Choi, who also happens to be an attorney in commercial litigation; the holder of a doctoral degree in philosophy (with a focus on Kantian ethics); and a former concert violinist […]

May 18

The Violin Competition

You wouldn’t know this, but a pet peeve I have is when people refer to me as someone who went to Juilliard. It’s an annoyance I let slide, because I think people don’t really know any better. You see, although I did go to Juilliard for a bit, attending the pre-college program, it’s actually not […]

May 18

Ten Songs About Young Ambition and Passionate Love

What to say about a third record? Having passed the second record – a typical minefield for music acts – I feel very little worry. I’ve finished recording, and have handed the record over for mastering. After which, we hand it over for specifically lacquer mastering, where it is subsequently pressed into vinyl form. The […]

February 25

Dog Whistle Programming

Maybe 7 year ago or so, a bar manager for a bar in Columbus that I used to frequent, told me about how their dress code (no baggy pants, no baseball caps) was their way of excluding black clientele.  I was a bit surprised, not just because of the existence of the policy in the […]

February 16

Auto-Tune, Tuning and Emotional Impact

People talk about the negative effects of auto-tune on music, but I think it’s hard to actually spell out how auto-tune affects music from an aesthetic perspective.  All things considered, I think auto-tune can be used strategically at the right time and in the right way to achieve certain aesthetic qualities.  But I wanted to […]