October 29

Praise for Ten Hymns From My American Gothic

Recent Press for Ten Hymns From My American Gothic:

Pop Matters came out with their review of the record, giving it 9 out of 10 stars, observing “[a]lbums of such sheer artistry, originality and thematic immediacy are few and far between. This is the album of perspective and hope we need in this time of political and social unrest” and calling it “nothing short of a 21st century pop masterpiece.”  The PopMatters review also served as the published premiere for the video Conspiracy Theories.

Audiofuzz also wrote about the video for “Conspiracy Theories”, observing “[t]his is mature music by a mature artist dealing with mature themes who just happens to be an excellent tunesmith.”

AllMusic also came out with their review, designating the record as an Editor’s Choice, and calling it “a dazzling litany of soulful free verse” and a work of “true 21st century songwriting.”  The review also discussed the first record, calling St. Lenox an “unlikely indie powerhouse.”

Noisey premiered the video for “People From Other Cultures” noting “[i]t’s not an easy song, but, like all of Choi’s music, it’s casually beautiful.”  The premiere also discussed the first record, noting that with Ten Songs About Memory and Hope, Choi “accomplished the rare feat of making music that felt divorced from any pretense.”