June 19

Father’s Day Post – Some Album Details

It’s sort of a coincidence that I happen to be finishing up the album around Father’s Day, but in fact, the album is dedicated to my dad, who turned 70 this year.  As such, I thought it would be a convenient time to unveil the title and track list for the album, as we’ve nailed that down.


Ten Hymns From My American Gothic:
A Gift for my Father in Honor of his 70th Year


1.  Fuel America
2.  Thurgood Marshall
3.  The Public School System
4.  Nixon
5.  Conspiracy Theories
6.  You Don’t Call Me Anymore
7.  Korea
8.  People From Other Cultures
9.  What I Think About When You Say South Korea
10.  When I Return

I’ll have some more details coming, and I expect to start blogging more frequently again.  Was entirely consumed by work for several months.  Should be some interesting content coming up in the near future though.